Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ode to joy

So here we are gearing up for the Champions League final...the BBC are going nuts about it being the first all English final. If I were a none-footy fan I'd be getting pretty bored of it by now....fortunately I'm lapping it up.

My only real fear is a repeat of that diabolical FA Cup final from a year ago. God that was appalling. Saturday's final was everything a cup final should be. Let's face it, most years the cup final is an after-thought. This year it was the be all and end all for Portsmouth and Cardiff. The weather helped as it wasn't as hot as it normally is and ultimately it was a pretty enjoyable afternoon. Tonight if both teams go for it it will be brilliant but can you really see that happening? Let's hope for an early goal.

Have to say if Makelele's training ground tackle on Ashley Cole is anything to go by there will be no shortage of commitment from the sides. Anyway, here's hoping for some footy tonight.

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