Thursday, May 08, 2008

Waterloo end of term report

Good news from the Waterloo camp in that big Chris O'Callaghan is staying on for another season. It'll be good to see what happens when he's got the full year to make his mark on the club. He certainly calls a spade a spade ‘Shambolic’ Waterloo set for shake-up

"WATERLOO coach Chris O’Callaghan will remain at the club for next season – depaite labelling the first team set-up a ‘shambles’.

The head coach will stay on for a further year, taking total control of senior rugby at the club while insisting mistakes made this last season will not be repeated next term.

“We started far too late last year and the side was no were near prepared for the opening weeks of the season,” he said. “That will not happen this time as we aim to hit the ground running from game one.”

Last season O’Callaghan did not appear on the scene until July and by then, with a large proportion of the squad already signed, he was never in a position to seriously affect recruitment, something which he found difficult to understand.

“I was brought in far too late but this year I have told the board that if they want me to do the job then I have to be in charge, do the recruiting within the budget constraints they have set and be responsible for bringing a coaching team together,” he explained."

In other news The Lancashire squad for the Bill Beaumont Cup this year includes 4 Waterloo players with Jason Duffy appointed county captain. Hooker Peter Ince is also in the starting line-up, while young prop James Jones is on the bench alongside Alex Davies and Jon Nugent.

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