Friday, May 30, 2008

Who the f*cking hell are seriously.

Czech Republic apologise after Lithuania/Latvia mix-up

"CZECH bosses issued an apology to Lithuania last night - after mistaking them for bitter Baltic rivals Latvia.

Ahead of their friendly in Prague on Tuesday the hosts played the national anthem of Latvia.

Fizzing Lithuanians were further angered when they discovered the official match programme contained a picture of the Latvia squad and the national flag of their rival country. In keeping with a bad night the visitors lost the match 2-0.

Czech FA chiefs, who will be doing their upmost to avoid further howlers when Scotland visit tomorrow night, sent an apology to the Lithuanian Embassy in Prague.

A statement read: "We apologise to Lithuania for these errors."

That really is fantastic....I mean it'd bad enough just getting the wrong national anthem but getting the entirety of the match preparation wrong really does take the biscuit.

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