Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Everton : The best of the rest

When you win the rain doesn't seem to bother'd been a long season, the odd low but tonnes of highs. We'd all trooped to Goodison in sweltering conditions and we now happily shuffling down Gwladys St in the pouring rain. No-one seemed bothered. Everton had called time on their season with a great performance and ultimately had finished as The Best of the rest. On balance we'd played Newcastle off the park. Only a string of reaction saves from the otherwise dodgy Harper and a stupid penalty had kept us living on our nerves. We'd signed off with style.

The only sour note you can really attribute to the season is that Everton are at a pinnacle here and "The best of the rest" is basically all we can realistically achieve (aside from being in the right place at the right time for freak occurences in the cups). This is a great Everton team, if football was the meritocracy it once was it'd be gaining year on year and getting closing to the financial clout of the top four...instead the Champions League keeps the rich rich and the UEFA Cup keeps the also rans in their place.

Enough pessimism though...Everton did brilliantly this season, that's all the matters.

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