Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Man Utd win in dramatic shoot-out

Champions League Final : Man Utd win in dramatic shoot-out

First and foremost I'm gutted for John Terry...remeniscent of Beckham missing for England on that dodgy pitch.

Awful, awful way to lose any game.

Great game, thoroughly enjoyable. Utd could arguably have been out of site in the first half but Chelsea took them to the cleaners in the 2nd. The win means Everton get one and a half million quid out of Utd's recent successes to I'm happy but seeing JT distraught like that was pretty heart-breaking. My mate Mark McCarthy has already opened the champagne and my other mate Andy Speakman is actually out in the Moscow so God knows what sort of night he's going to have. The season is almost over now...just the play-off finals and then a long hard two weeks before the Euros start. Whatever will we do?

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