Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dereliction of duty?

So the transfer deadline passes and we not only finish the month without a new striker but we've actually managed to offload one. I know £2,000,000 for a player who's heart wasn't really in it any more isn't bad business but we are down to the bare bones up front. It's the main reason we are still looking over our shoulder at the teams in the relegation scrap. Last night is the classic example. Beattie, who's been marvelous recently, still not fit. McFadden with 8 stitches in a leg wound and a broken nose. Osman is playing well enough and Cahill is filling in. On comes Duncan...7 minutes later he lamps someone off for a 3 game ban.

We've just made 5.6 million pound on players in the transfer window. Stubbs is the only player who came in (Much as I dislike the fact he's back he apparently played really well again last night). It's just madness that they didn't bring in a forward. I know they are over-priced (£7m for Ashton?!?!?!?!?) but surely someone could have been brought in as cover. You only need someone to hold the ball up.

Before the game last night Evertonians would have taken a point so 1-1 wasn't too bad but by the sounds of it Everton could have had the game won inside the first 30 minutes IF WE HAD A STRIKER!


Dermot & Cliona said...

I cant understand why he wont buy some reinforcements up front. Beattie is beginning to show some promise, but in my mind last night was just another example of big duncs stupidity. If he's not injured, he's suspended for yet another ridiculous sending off. He needs his head examined.

I am delighted to see we're getting some passion back into our game however. The arsenal match was a joy to watch. Chelsea were all over us last week which is to be expected I suppose. Who knows what will happen at the bridge if the real everton shows up...

Stuey said...

Odd that he took the time to explain the lack of signings. Must have heard that the natives are restless :

from the bbc