Sunday, February 19, 2006

I tried to hold you back but you were stronger

Another lovely weekend with the sun shining down from the winter sky on Saturday. There was no Everton game to attend this weekend (it felt like the first weekend in ages we weren't at home) so we were free to enjoy the rugby.

There is still some vociferous negativity amongst some of my mates when it comes to going to watch rugby (this is a football city after all) but generally anyone who's been along with us this season has thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday was no exception. Our little supporters club was down on numbers (latest score texts & piccies being sent across the Irish sea to keep Mike, Mary & Bernadette updated over in Skerries) but Penny & Jack, Anne's mum & dad, joined us (Best behaviour despite being given lots of pints of lovely Deuchars IPA to enjoy) and along with Paul, Rachel and Louise we had a decent showing. Waterloo were 20-0 up and when our Number 8 did a bit of a faux parts (it didn't look deliberate but tackling someone's head whilst they're in full flow is one of those things you really don't want to see) and so for 60 minutes 'loo were down to 14. This made for the really tight game with the home team really having to show their mettle...42-19 at the end was probably a fair result.

Standing in our usual place by the clubhouse end try-line (nearest place to the bar, you know it makes sense) we had a great view of Stourbridge's second try...a lightning quick, full stretch dive for the line provoking quite a bit of debate as to whether the player had been in touch before he grounded the ball. We were probably the best placed people in the ground to tell and we generally thought it was a try. A bloke who knows Anne shouted over "Doc? Was it a try", Anne nodded, "There you go......she knows anatomy". Sometimes it helps to be on the spot.

Another good game and another good win for 'loo (especially with Esher losing).

Echo match report

Anne and I have booked to go on the Inca trail for our honeymoon...this is something kind of worrying as we are not sure we are as fit as we used to be. When we were travelling we could just stroll up mountains all day without ever noticing...whether we could do the same nowadays is something we'll have to see. On Sunday we walked up Moel Famau, a nice short walk with some fairly steep bits. We aim to increase this to the likes of Snowdon, Coniston and Ben Nevis this year just so we aren't embarrassing ourselves when we get to the Andes (then all we have to worry about it altitude sickness).

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