Thursday, February 09, 2006

Men and embryos

Chelsea, it's fair to say, took us to the cleaners. The night started badly with Richard Wright ignoring a notice not to practice in the goalmouth before the game. He somehow contrived to clatter into the notice and break his ankle...Cue a debute for 3rd choice keeper Iain Turner (Big Nige being out already with an ankle injury).

We lived with them for about 20 minutes but then they just cruised it. Top opener for Robben, penalty then a over. We got a pen back in the 2nd half but that's all. We only had one real sight of goal all match.

Still nothing £200,000,000 wouldn't solve. Hopefully we can put it behond us and continue our excellent league form however the weekend's game against Blackburn see two of the form teams meet and it'll be a tough one.

The pendejos across the park managed to balls up against Charlton when ideally we'd have wanted them to win. The rojo-mierda never seem to do us any favours. Their problem is, I think, that they started believing their own press. Before Christmas they'd convinced themsleves that they were the challengers to Chelsea's throne (I remember seeing a crude photoshopped picture of a liverpool tank charging across the desert towards a Jose Mourinho/Saeed "Comical Ali" al-Sahhaf charicature) but in truth they hadn't really come up against anyone.

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