Monday, February 06, 2006

The Upper Gwladys Street hall of shame

It takes some doing to get a shot on goal so hopelessly wrong that it goes into the Upper Gwladys...I think I'm right in saying that it's been ages since anyone performed such a feat but Trevor Sinclair managed it on Saturday. The ball looped to him at the edge of the area and steadying himself for the volley he absolutely skied it. Another shaky, edge-of-your-seat win for the blues. This week our winner came courtesy of Davie Weir scoring the worst goal I've ever seen (The ball hit his knee without him realising it and bounced into the goal). Just to top it off liverpool once again come unstuck against a top team. There's that phrase again "Flat track bullies".

All the talk after the Chelsea V liverpool game however is about Robben having the audacity to go down (easily) when slapped in the face by liverpool's keeper (Who'd just done a scissor tackle on Eidur Gudjonson). 606 was sour grapes central AGAIN! No mention of Kromkamp's leap into the air & Sissoko's dying fly routine the week before or the fact that the incident came at the very end of the game & they were already losing 2-0....double standards and revisionism from rednoses?!?!?! Surely not. It seems that the media have an anti-Chelsea vendetta and so are more than happy to allow the liverpool fans their soapbox.

Away from the round ball England put Wales to sword in impressive fashion but the big kudos has to go to the Jocks who took highly rated France to the cleaners. It was slightly nail biting at the end...but only slightly.

Waterloo had a weekend off but Esher and Mosely both had 5 point wins meaning 'loo slip back to 3rd. Those two play each other next week so hopefully we can capitalise.

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