Monday, February 13, 2006

Phil Neville salutes 'people power' & Beats speaks too

Neville salutes 'people power'

Nice words from our Phil.

"They say Everton are the people's club, and it really is. Everyone mucks in together and there is no better atmosphere. You wouldn't get an atmosphere in any other ground like you had here at Goodison on Saturday. It was really special."

Beattie so proud of hunger to succeed

"I had a look around when Iain was being sent off, and a lot of heads could have dropped, but I could see the lads were still well up for it. I could see in their eyes that they were hungry to get a result, and we did it. It's not that I haven't been before, but I am very proud to be an Everton player at the moment."

"The crowd also made a difference. We were playing against the officials, so it was 14-10 in Blackburn's favour, so the crowd made the other four up for us! They were spot on again, and it does definitely help you. They could see we were trying our rocks off, and that's what they expect and that's what they deserve."

and finally :

icLiverpool New Stadium at Switch Island

These new stadium stories are generally pipe dreams but it'd be ace being able to park at my Mum's then have a pre-match pint at St Benets.

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