Monday, January 30, 2006

Virtual Replay

BBC SPORT Football FA Cup Virtual Replay

Another cup weekend, another virtual replay.

We took Anne's sister & housemate to the game with us. We were right at the front of the Park End so we may well be one of those virtual blobs on that replay.

I think it was Katherine and Sarah's first time at a top flight game so Everton V Chelsea was a fairly good one to pick. It was a nice change for us too, usually we are up on high in the Upper Gwladys which is great to watch the game unfold but being down on the floor as the ball flies into the net is great.

McFadden scored and took a fair bit of punishment. He was put upside down in the first half (8 stitches in his leg) and smashed in the face by their keeper who then landed on him (broken nose). Both times he looked hurt. By this I mean he hit the desk and stayed still as opposed to doing that embarressing jumping up in the air or rolling round on the floor thing (as showcased by Kromkamp & Sissoko the next day).


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