Thursday, January 26, 2006


My soon to be sis-in-law is back from Canada now. This means a few things, my brother can get a shave and put down his Xbox controller, mum can begin doting and fussing over her and all my old crap has to be out of Mum & Dad's 'cause Claire's gear needs to go somewhere 'til Ste & her get a house (this will have to be preceded by jobs, cars etc etc).

It's amazing how much crap you don't even realise you own. Books, clothes, knick-knacks I founde a stash of holy medals that must have been there since my first trip down to Lourdes.

3 boxes of records and cds will provide interesting listening...I haven't check it all out yet but I did find a couple of ones I'd forgot about Nut & Victoria. Neither were stunning but female singer songwriters seem to be the vogue nowadays and these two seemed to have loads of potential but disappeared after promising starts. The former did a really cool debut album called Fantanicity but ducked out of the limelight...I checked her out on google and she seems to be actually called Cat Goscovitch and is gigging down in London. Victoria did a debut single which I think was an NME single of the week but then I never heard anything after that (and back then I actually knew what was going on in the music biz as opposed to now when I only find out about albums when they pop up on Amazon whilst I'm buying something). Anyway as I said lots of fun listening...just got to buy a load of CD wracks now.

Got my cup tickets sorted for the weekend. Anne's sister & housemate are visiting so we got them tickets too. Right at the front of a Park End. A great view for action down our end but a bit grim for Gwladys Street action. At half time in the Millwall game we strolled up two about row M where some of our friends sit...absolutely cracking place to watch footy. Our usual seats are good too but if you could get them at the front of the Upper Gwladys as oposed to the back it's be fabulous.

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