Thursday, January 19, 2006

Everton 1-0 Millwall

Everton 1-0 Millwall

Was pretty unenthusiastic about the game last night and had basically decided to give it a miss but going the game is basically a reflex action and in the end you always end up getting tickets.

Because of the opposition there was no pay on the gate so I had to use Everton's online ticket service. Very smooth and efficient. Top marks considering I only got off my lazy arse at 11am on the day of the game to get my order in.

Anyway got the tickets, quick Guinness in the Black Horse with Jez, Frank (who has had a dream that we'll win the cup this year) & Mandy then off off to the Park End to be generally jeered at by 2,000 Millwall fans.

Our friend Rach was stewarding the away fans so we were hoping it'd all be quiet and sedate and basically it was apart from a bit of banter and the odd loon getting chucked out.

Everton basically were the better side (with Per Kroldrup finally putting in an appearance) and created half-chance after half-chance. We looked to be getting a tiny bit complacent and Millwall started getting a bit more possesion but then Tim Cahill, a waste of money according to the Lions fans, popped up with a goal and the away section fell silent.

View it here in full bbc virtual replay glory

Their Cockernee anachronism fans piped up again towards the end telling that we'll all scapa when they come and get us after the game, "You'll run and you know you will". A heavy police presence meant that we strolled home happily chatting away to some of our mate (the Wildman family) whilst the Millwall fans were kept in for the best part of an hour so no worries there.

That's about it.....Chelsea next.

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