Sunday, January 22, 2006

Everton 1-0 Arsenal

Everton 1-0 Arsenal

Oh I never felt more like singing the blues....ha ha ha ha.

Absolutely chuffed. Everton were immense. We battered them in the same way we battered Utd last year. In at them for each and every of the 5400 seconds. Beats scored a lovely centre forward's goal and the rest was simple. Beattie rounded off the afternoon with an impecable BBC interview complete with a double take when the presenter suggested he had pace. Moyes seemed delighted with the players but particularly the way Beats took his man of the match champers and gave to Osman who was absolutely superb.

Arsenal didn't know what hit them.

Much as we all love Theiry....Flat track bullies?

Finally on matter blue it would be churlish of me not to give a nod to Alan Stubbs. He did tremendously well when he came on for the impressive Ferrari. He got a very good reception although not from me. Once they're on the pitch you've just got to let bygones be bygones and get behind them.

FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT with all our might

On an annoying note 'loo lost to Mosely so we are back in the mix...can't win 'em all I suppose. It would have been the perfect weekend.

liverpool lost to Utd with a last minute winner inspiring our old friend Gary Neville to taunt the away fans. Naughty but aparently they'd be laughing it up over George Best...if you are going to give it out (and I know people who normally don't go to the Old Trafford game who went solely to take the piss out of Utd fans) you've got to take it back. 606 was awash with self-righteousness, Owen's sprint along the Gwladys and Gerrard giving the ear to the entire Bullen Road were conveniently airbrushed from history.

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