Friday, January 20, 2006

Burning your bridges is never a good idea

Stubbs blames Everton cancer clause

Oliver Holt's from The Mirror

So the blues have let Kroldrup go and now have only one fully fit centre-half (the good but alledgedly unsettled Ferrari). Solution : bring back Alan Stubbs! In terms of football this is a sideways step at best but considering he publicly went out of his way to make the club look like a bunch of evil bastards over the perenial cancer clause in the last contract we offered him how are we supposed to feel about getting him back?

Alan apologises

Too little too late I'm afraid. I know it's time to move on I suppose but all of a sudden things look bleak and a lot of rumours are flying round on toffeeweb. Nothing the fans can do about it with the current board in place, I suppose "the People" have just got to get on with it & get behind the team 'cause long after all these charlatans and incompetants have left we'll be left telling the next generation of blues what a great club it used to be.


Dermot & Cliona said...

Alright stu,
Good result there this morning against the arsenal...
Personally, I think stubbs will do a good job for us filling in while yobo is away etc..
Come on the blue boys..

Stuey said...

Yeah but those newspaper statements were bang out of order....anyway...he did fantastically well on Saturday.