Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stuey's Euro 2008 rankings

Here is my thinkings after the round of games :

Germany - Looked very comfortable against Poland, and looked like they had a lot more in the locker
Holland - Rode their luck but put in a fantastic shift against Italians
Spain - Dismissed the Russians once they found their feet but in the first half they weren't firing on all cylinders
Portugal - Were easy winners against a limited Turkey side
Italy - Had a nightmare night against the Dtuch but still looked good
Switzerland - Plucky and enthusiastic.
Sweden - Looked lame against a dogged Greece side until they scored an absolute pearler
Turkey - Awkward customers but definitely second best to Portugal
Russia - Difficult to judge...they kept up with Spain for 45 minutes but faded badly
Czech Republic - Difficult to judge...given problems by the lowest ranked team in the tournament
Austria - A lot better than people were giving them credit. Unlucky to lose
Croatia - Were given plenty of problems by Austria. Dissappointing
Poland - Looked very limited it has to be said
Greece - 4 years out of date?
France - Come on, at least give it go
Romania - Not a lot to judge them on. Might well have been batoning down the hatches hoping to hit the Dutch on an off night

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