Monday, June 02, 2008

Evertonian gets the Anfield rocking

Okey sour grapes here, the Paul McCartney gig at Anfield sounded immense. Didn't go due to not getting round to applying for tickets. Hmm, was sitting there on Sunday a bit gutted about it all. Still lots of my mates went and had a good bit of text message banter with Flynny about the relative merits of concrete and wooden stadia.

For us non-gig attenders there was recompense though...Oh yes. Ray Mears interviewed THE Bush Tucker Man. Oh the nostalgia!!!!! (Although his standing was somewhat tainted whilst I was in Oz by a distant relative of ours telling air-conditioned catering vans and the great man himself getting stuck in a ditch. However the nostalgia value alone was worth sitting in for. After all that was done we watched England play a plucky Trinidad & Tobago team who might have done better if they didn't have the worst defenders on God's green earth. It was embarrassing really. It was, however, great to see Phil Jagielka get an England cap. Jags had a ropey start this season but once he found his feet he was immense.

With all that over and done with we settle down to look forward to the big European Championships kick-off on Saturday. Inbetween then and now we have the long awaited (if google analytics is anything to go by) revealing of the next season's Everton shirt and then the attention is solely focused on Austria and Switzerland. This should be a great tournament. One for the real footy fan...not a lame footy themed Argos advert or loud, replica shirt wearing biennial England supporter in site....No hype, no hysteria, no band-wagon....Euro 2008 : if you love the game, get into it and enjoy.

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