Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lost property

Love this story from the BBC : War veteran reunited with watch after 67 years

"A former Royal Navy Lieutenant has been reunited with the watch he lost during the Second World War.

Teddy Bacon, 89, of Tarvin, Cheshire, lost his Swiss Bulova watch while throwing a line from HMS Repulse to Gibraltar Harbour in 1941.

He left his name and address with the harbour master but expected to never see it again.

Mr Bacon said he was "amazed" when he received a parcel with a Gibraltar postcode and his watch inside.

"I told my wife, you unpack it, and you will find out it isn't a present for you," he said.

"Then out came my watch complete with everything, exactly as it had been when it disappeared.

"It's exciting to have an old friend, I won't lose it again."

The watch, which he was told had been underwater in mud, is still working and telling the time perfectly.

Mr Bacon added: "Remembering what my father said, nothing is lost until you are certain it's left the planet.

"Well it didn't leave the planet, it's back."

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