Tuesday, June 24, 2008

post Quarter final round-up

I have to say this European Championship has been great fun so far...here we are at the semi-final stage and there has only been a couple of bad games. One of them was Italy V Spain. Italy smothered the Spanish by playing classic catanacio football and unfortunately their only outlet we Toni...who looked like, as my mate Andy Redfern said, "a poor man's Brett Angel". I am chuffed for Fabregas, stepping up to take the deciding penalty when you've never taken a spot-kick before in your life took real guts...I am just a bit gutted every time that vile racist Aragonnes win a game.

The Russians are the team everyone is talking about now...they look a completley different side with Arshavin in it. The Dutch never got going against them. The likes of Kuyt, van der Vaart and Van Nistlerooy looked totally different players. Such a shame 'cause our mate Joost had made the trip to Basle to see the game.

I am hoping Germany win now...puerly 'cause their players have the coolest names. It's a brave man who write off Turkey though.

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