Monday, June 16, 2008

Euro 2008 : Round 2 rankings

Holland - Rode their luck but they were once again awesome.
Portugal - Not been troubled yet but not really firing
Spain - Made to work hard by Sweden...compacent?
Germany - Hit the wall...suddenly looked very frail and average.
Italy - Seriously underperformed and in the end they are lucky to still be in the tournament
Croatia - Superb performance against the Germans. Showed they mean business
Sweden - Looked bright against one of the favourites...they are could well qualify
Turkey - Awkward customers but definitely second best to Portugal
Russia - Again, you can't judge team on their performance against Greece...the last game against Sweden will be very interesting
Czech Republic - Largely matched Portugal but somehow don't look upto it.
Romania - Massive improvement...Classic smash & grab against the Italians
Austria - Naive...should have been out of sight of Poland but once they'd wasted those chances you know what was coming.
France - Nowhere near as bad as the scoreline suggests. Ribery played brilliantly
Poland - Were made to look ordinary by a naive Austria side...can't complain about the penalty.
Greece - 4 years out of date.
Switzerland - Plucky and enthusiastic...still. Not upto it though

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Nursedude said...

I would agree about France. Ribery really is the engine that drives things in France. Too bad he chose to play in Germany with Bayern Munich. I thought his pace and work ethic would have been a natural for the EPL.