Sunday, June 08, 2008

Saturday amblings

Did some pubbing and ambling about yesterday after missing out on the Klimt Exhibition and the HMS Ark Royal's open day. Both are massive popular and over-subscribed...the queue to go onto the Ark Royal was 3 hours long and on top of that there were 1000s of people milling around just to have a look at it (It was a really impressive site). So after that we looked around St Nicholas' Church opposite the Liver Buildings and then watched the Lord Mayor's parade (complete with an awesome samba band). Also had some nice beer at Ma Boyles & Thomas Rigby's.....then off home to get settled in for the start of the Euros. Decent day all round really. Thought Switzerland were unlucky not to get a draw against the Czechs but it would have been a travesty had Portugal not beaten Turkey.

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