Monday, March 10, 2008

*jaw drops in incredulity*

Barmy, truly barmy :

Bitter gobshite Kopite ravings

"the only way Everton can breach the superiority complex we hold over them is by playing more games than ourselves, which tells its own story"

No trace of irony or winking smilies. The delusion levels are off the scale. I am embarresed for all the numerous spot-on rednoses who have to share a stadium with bell-ends like that. I think we can forget once and for all about Evertonians being the only bitter footy fans on Merseyside.

It does however tell a story about how far we've come under Moyes when they have to resort to this in order to make their season look better than it actually is. For the record I am convinced they will still finish above us. Everton are motoring along whereas most of their team is out of form, you have to ask questions of the manager for that but ultimately there is much more to come from them.

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