Wednesday, March 05, 2008


There are times when being an American would be an advantage...Everton's results at City and at home against Portsmouth were prime examples 'cause the only way to describe them was "Awesome!"

It's brilliant stuff. Make no mistakes this was two very tough games. City's form at Eastlands (as everyone seems to be calling it now) is brilliant whilst Pompey are one of the strongest teams away from home. The fact that Everton just always looked like winning is what's the most impressive. They were clearly the best side in both games (despite what Sven or Redknapp might claim).

We know it can't go on forever but at the moment it's just so good to be a blue, Yakubu is just making it all look so easy. Johnson is doing everything you'd want from in. The midfield is fizzing and the defence is looking very assured.

Next up Fiorentina! It doesn't get any easier does it. Whatever happens now this team are fantastic.

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