Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beneathus whinging

It has to be said it's great to see Benitez again making such an undignified public spectacle of himself and his club. I remember a time when Everton were the running joke and you had to work long & hard to come up with anything to criticise liverpool about.

The latest bleat-fest centre's on Mascherano's self-destruct routine at Old Trafford. Now I studied the footage on Match of the Day and I am pretty sure I've worked who was to blame for the whole incident. Not so The Rafatollah


The more deluded rednoses might still be lapping it up (just look at the excuse for journalism they get spoon fed by the local rags :

FAN VIEW: United have a new hero - Steve Bennett

The facts are the Utd are a street ahead of everyone this year...it's just that certain teams have spent £150,000,000 attempting to close the gap only to see it widen.

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