Monday, March 31, 2008

Everton take a battering, Phil Neville takes a punch, Benitez takes the oportunity for another anti-Everton jibe

First and foremost Everton got battered by liverpool, top to bottom, start to finish. 4th looks a long way off when you look at the last three performances. The crazyness of this year’s cups means that UEFA cup qualification is looking difficult too. So many players have gone of the boil at the crucial time, it’s just worrying that such a great season is in danger of ending in disappointment.

In the backdrop of this comes that arrogant Spanish prick Benitez’s usual sly jibes at Everton. This time our fans are giving Gerrard too much abuse. Boo fucking hoo…I remember him running along the Lower Bullens giving it ears and I’m sure Super Kev, Gary Naysmith and now Lee Carsley remember getting stamped on. It’s not particularly savoury but ultimately you reap what you sow. It is a bit rich publicly criticising one set of fans whilst his own have been spitting at and hitting Phil Neville our captain…of course he doesn’t care about that, he knows how it will be reported and how much the Liverpool fans lap up his little digs…was it lost in translation again Pendejo?

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