Thursday, March 13, 2008

ah well

Everton 2 - 2 Fiorentina (Agg 2-2) Fiorentina win 4-2 on penalties

I spent most of the night praying and ultimately my prayers were answered...but you knew that once it went to penalties Everton were going out. But bollocks to it...Everton did themselves proud, after the first leg we all consoled ourselves with how good a side Fiorentina were, last night we took them to the cleaners. The game ebbed and flowed but really there was never a time when we were on the back foot (I am one of the most pessimistic blues around but the way we took the game to them from the first whistle was so impressive).

Andrew Johnson

We scored at crucial times, both goals came when the game could have been swinging away from us. Whatever happened at the end nothing will ever take that Mikel Arteta moment away from us. The place went bananas, we'd done it. We'd done it in style too, it was a brilliant goal it really was. There were so many other chances too, credit really does need to go to Fiorentina's defenders, they made numerous world class tackles and blocks and still Everton leveled the tie. Forget about the lottery at the end...That was a fantastic night at Goodison Park.

There's nobody better than Mikel Arteta

My only regret about the whole night was Andy Johnson not trying his luck during the second half of extra-time...perhaps a player who doesn't spend every single game running himself into the ground chasing down everything and doing everything he can for the team, perhaps a more selfish player would have gone for glory instead of trying to set-up an easier chance for someone else....perhaps if he had done then we might have got that precious aggregate lead. But who knows.

The only thing we know is that Everton did us proud...last week in Florence perhaps showed our naivete in not being calmer on the ball and retaining possesion when we did have it and not dealing with a fussy referee. That's not the greatest of crimes is it? Fiorentina were like a rabbit in the headlights last night. Everton had a job to do and did it. No complaints from me, even if you'd have told me how it was all going to end I'd have still enjoyed every second of this European run. Everything from McFadden's goal away against Metalist right upto the final whistle and everything in between has been great experience for this team. Fingers crossed we get to do it again next season 'cause it was great fun.

Leon Osman

At the back of my mind, however, there is a tinge of worry shackled to Everton's European adventure...I just don't know if I'll be able to get to these games if Everton relocate out into the sticks. I hope and pray there is some sort of transport solution bundled into the who Kirkby project (There has been absolutely nothing mentioned about it so far). I only live across town and it's a pretty frantic turnaround in the evenings to get to these games...God knows how it'll work if there is another 5 mile long leg to the commute added to it.

Anyway that's for another day...I assume the Yes voters have worked all that out when they made the most important decision in the club's history. Not the time for post mortems and grumbling....Today is all about COYB! It really is a grand old team!

The boys in the royal blue jersey

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