Saturday, March 08, 2008

back to earth with a bump

Well that was a thoroughly depressing week. Since the highs of the Portsmouth game it was gone steadily more depressing.

It's fari to say Fiorentina gave us a lesson on Thursday....we just didn't get hold of the ball at any stage. The night before our lovable neighbours had rested 4th place from us with a fairly simple 4-0 win over West Ham (Have they declared in true Curbishley style?). The Italians just kept possesion and Everton never really got going...after 20 minutes we were scrapping to get back into the game (and giving away numerous niggly fouls). Only being 2-0 down actually flattered us. We just looked a class or two below the Viola...I know they are a really decent side and bang in form but we are meant to be the same. Oh well, hope we can turn it round next week.

Then the next day we get the news that James Vaughan's knee is giving concern and he's been sent back to the specialist...hope he's okay. It'd be heart-breaking for him if he's going to be dogged by injury.

Today has done our European hopes no good whatsoever. Newcastle capitulated against liverpool and in the cup Utd got mugged by Portsmouth and Chelsea met a Barnsley side full of endevour and belief....fantastic performance. Real FA Cup magic. I couldn't really enjoy any of it because ultimately it means another UEFA place going elsewhere.

However take your hat off to Barnsley....brilliant, brilliant stuff. What footy is all about.

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