Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Oooooh doesn't this look FANTASTIC!

I for one can't wait to bulldoze over 100 years of history and heritage and move to this.......average, soulless modern arena.......on a retail to a a grim satellite town.

Congratulations Yes are the turkeys who voted for Christmas. I votes No purely because the Kirkby project looked rubbish, I can definitely see the need for a move but this just looked half-arsed from the beginning. Even so I always vowed to take the new stadium on it's merits but so far it couldn't look any more depressing if they tried. Add to all this the logistical ball-ache of 20,000 people and 2000 cars & buses all trying to get off that retail park at the same time plus the extra distance from the train station.

The fans seem to be the last thing the club is considering...very, very depressing. I know some proper, serious bluenoses who swear they'll never set foot in that new ground. These aren't just luddites, there just wasn't this opposition to the Kings Dock project. It has nothing to do with boundaries, the colour of the wheelie bins is a very minor's just that everything we've seen of this DestinationKirkby looks small-time & uninspiring. Evertonians deserve better.

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