Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Mythical Roman cave' unearthed

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | 'Mythical Roman cave' unearthed

Presenting the discovery, Italian Culture Minister Francesco Rutelli said archaeologists were "reasonably certain" that the newly unearthed cave could be the Lupercal.

"This could reasonably be the place bearing witness to the myth of Rome, one of the most well-known cities in the world - the legendary cave where the she-wolf suckled Romulus and Remus, saving them from death," he said.

"Italy and Rome never cease to astonish the world with continual archaeological and artistic discoveries, and it is incredible to think that we have finally found a mythical site which, by our doing so, has become a real place."

The ancient cave was found 16m (52ft) underground in a previously unexplored area during restoration work on the palace of Augustus, the first Roman emperor.

Wow, that's a big discovery...not a sniff about it on the news. It seems that is dominated by People trying to make political capital 'cause some dullard junior civil-servant (Not Gordon Brown or Alistair Darling as far as I can tell) dumped everyone's records in the outgoing mail. I really wish people wouldn't screw-up like this, if nothing else it makes the BBC 5live unlistenable. They really are wearing their heart on their sleeves over their political leanings. A minister was on interview and said things like "The civil servant broke the rules, terrible mistake, things happen when you are in Government...we are dealing with it, don't think the disc fell into the wrong hands, no-one will lose money over this etc etc" and 20 minutes later it was reported as "A government minsister said 'things happen when you are in goverment'".

Anyway this morning's reports say England will start with Scott Carson in goal tonight (Carson is at Villa whilst on loan from our lovable neighbours, his British passport means he can't get a visa to play for liverpool). Giving a keeper his England debut in such a critical game is a bold decision, could backfire horribly. Apparently Robinson has had a nightmare in training so what else can McClaren do? Beckham is on the bench too....might need him for some late free-kick drama.

Rednoses have, for some reason, been smugly cackling over Everton advertising half-season tickets...It makes a change from their increasingly bitter internal witch-hunt against the "glory-hunting jest hat wearing day trippers" who apparently occupy most of the seats at Anfield these days. Is that a paradox or merely irony? No-one does a double standard like those Kopites.

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