Saturday, November 24, 2007

Everton 7 (seven)

BBC Report

Telegraph Report

How good was that? You have to acknowledge that Sunderland were shockingly poor defensively but Everton really turned it on. Every time we got the ball we looked like scoring. The pressing & tackling was great and going forward we just look so purposeful. Movement off the ball was amazing. Carsley and Pienaar were everywhere. It was just awesome. It'd be tough to do a decent match report, there was just so much too much to comment on. Yakubu is really impressing us now...he's now fully fit and putting a great shift week after week. The only problem is that we will lose 4 players to the African Nations in a month's time.

Over in Blundelsands our double was completed by Waterloo beating another north-east side Blaydon. Good work.

Echo Report

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