Friday, November 09, 2007

Nigerians are ace

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"As for fears of trouble among thousands of ticketless Evertonians, they proved unfounded. Officially there were 2500 travelling fans inside the stadium but double in reality. "I didn't need to provide a motivational speech," said Moyes. "We only had to see the thousands greeting us on the way to the stadium to know how much Europe means to Everton. We are desperate for success."

First and foremost great to see Evertonians acquitting themselves so well over there in what could have been a pretty dodgy situation. The mess was of UEFA's making but ultimately you are still responsible for your own behaviour. By the sounds of it a good time was had.

Now onto the match....GET IN!!!!!!!!! Great performance from the blues, Nuremberg are in a lowly position but still looked fairly solid. I don't think you can argue with the result. The first half saw us hold our own whilst for a twenty minute period early in the second half we were all over them. Ironically they were just coming into it when Yakubu who'd really played well & worked his knackers off all night was swapped for our Euro talisman, Victor Anichebe, and they just couldn't handle his strength and verve. First he muscled his way clear and required a rugby tackle to prevent him scoring, Arteta put the pen away and then 5 minutes later he broke clear and knocked away a defender before slotting it through the keepers legs for 2-0. Brilliant. Aparently there were Evertonians all over the ground having the time of their lives. Fantastic stuff.

Lovely quotes from Vic about Yakubu :

"Yak was excellent," said Anichebe. "It's tough playing up front on your own and the pitch was absolutely enormous. He covered so much ground to wear the defenders down.

"He's done that a few times for me now and I've just managed to come on and picked up the pieces. He's set everything up for me. I'm learning so much from him. His game is all about strength but he has scored a lot of goals and I'm doing my best to take his advice.

"He is a great player and is going to be excellent for us. He gives me so many great pointers. I feel my game has got better this season and he has definitely played a part in that. He's been there, scored a lot of goals and his record speaks for itself."

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