Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Late shows

Everton 3 - 1 Birmingham City

Wow, been busy this week so this match report is pretty darn late. Great, great ending at the weekend after Everton looked to have done an Everton once again.

We were head & shoulders above Birmingham City for the first half and were frustrated that it was only 1-0 at half-time. Yak nipping in to score a tap-in after 10 mins.

The second half was more even and Birmingham City stole an equaliser after never really putting us on the back foot. Very annoying. The crowd were just getting grumpy at 2 points blown when a Birmingham City player went down injured....the other Brum players attacked regardless and after their move had broke down Cahill put the ball out a bit too sportingly for the assembled Evertonians (if his own team-mates won't bother about him why should we). From the resulting throw in the snidey Birmingham player kicked it out down by our corner flag and proceeded to put us under pressure. We might be quick to get frustrated with our team but hell hath no fury like Goodison when someone is taking the piss out of our team. The roar went up and when, in the 91st minute, Lee 'Z-Cars' Carsley smashed the ball into the Gwladys St net the place went bananas. Real delirious bedlam that only a 91th minute winner can bring. Karma!

The boys were not done yet....James Vaughan, returning from injury, broke clear and put a brilliantly casual stab just inside the post for 3-1. No-one had left and everyone was bouncing...we sang all the way down Gwladys St and hot-footed it to The Black Horse for a pint. It's what Saturday's are all about.

Check out this blog for goal vids (Including a brilliant shot of the celebrations in the Gwladys St).

Great article by Nigel Martyn about James Vaughan.

"IT was wonderful to see my old mate Henrik lighting up Goodison Park again with his smile at the weekend.

That was my nickname for James Vaughan. Whenever he smiles he looks like Henrik Larsson – and if he was ever looking down in the dumps I’d say to him “What’s up Henrik?”

That big, beaming smile would instantly light up his face, and to be fair to James he’s had plenty of reason to feel down in recent years."

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