Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I predict a riot

Worried about Thursday. In the last few days UEFA have reclassified our UEFA Cup game against Nuremburg as a high risk fixture. This means that the enterprising Evertonians who rang up & got tickets direct from FC Nurmberg have, at the very last moment, had their tickets cancelled.

Apparently the Germans have been utterly apologetic about it all but rules are rules. The worry now is that 100 of ticketless blues will be over there desperate to get into the game (after all they'd have had their flights and hotels all booked).

Seems very badly handled. Can't understand why A: Nuremburg sold the tickets yo Brits in the first place. B: UEFA left it 'til the last moment before moving the goal-posts and C: The Germans don't shuffle everyone round and expand the away area (thus leaving a fair few people slightly inconvenienced but no-one disappointed).

Fingers crossed it won't be another Athens.

Everton facing UEFA ticket chaos

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