Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sports report D'duh, d'duh, d'duh, d'duh, d'duh d'd'd'd'duhhhhhhhh...

(That might be lost on you if you don't liston to BBC Radio 5live.)

Well Everton did that annoying Everton thing AGAIN. A goal to the good at half time, not totally bossing the game but considering we were away from home we were doing well. Playing some nice stuff too. A second goal for us and an easy win looked like the most likely outcome but the second half rolled around and we went completely on the back foot. Okay we knew Villa were going to come at us...Charlton & West Ham's mini-revival meant they had to but why do we never react? Why, when defending a lead, do we never seem to impose ourselves this season?


Great performances from Lescott and Howard amongst others but another 2 points dropped in a maddeningly familiar fashion.

Great to see Lescott get his first goal...he's been truly immense this season...He's my player of the year so far (sorry AJ).

Over the weekend we had fantastic results in the Heineken cup for Northampton and Leicester.

Northamton in particular deserve a tonne of credit for raising their game to win down in San Sebastian. Hope they can pull it round and avoid relegation.

It is truly sickening that the French and English clubs are willing to let this fantastic competition die just out of petulant greed.

That'd be a great, great final.

I found this whilst doing a Google image search...happy, happy days :

No idea who's done it but my hat is doffed. Although it's slightly inaccurate in that there are some fans left in the away fans section. ;) :) :P

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