Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter report

Enjoyed a pretty nice Easter weekend...lovely weather and lots of sport, beer & food.

On Saturday we'd watched Waterloo and Sedgely Park partake in some comedy rugby and play out a throughly entertaining try-fest (31-43). 'loo lost as always but they scored some good'ns. van deVenter gave away two ridiculous tries but chipped in with two of his own. It was a gorgeous day so although the result went the wrong way for us you can't complain too much.

Everton gave away a stupid comedy goal (all our defenders except Lescott stepping forward in unison in an almost perfect offside trap...d'oh!) at the Reebok Stadium but came back to draw 1-1. Bolton aren't high on anyone's Christmas card list (dodgy agents aside), a team of thugs playing awful hit and hope, foul and complain football orchestrated by a fat, crook...and to that their concrete stadium, James Brown goal music and the guys running up and down the touchline with flags it all makes for a club you don't have a lot of affection for. Diouf is the pick of the bunch, nasty over-the-ball stamp on Neville and an outrageous attempt at handballing the ball into our net...not even a booking. Vaughan ended up with a nasty injury after an accidental clash whilst trying to take a shot, he actually severed an artery but hopefully it won't be too serious now he's out of hospital.

Didn't see much of the game as we were in the pub drinking with some friends and then went to Bistro Jacques on Hardman Street on the recomendation of our friend Dave. It was very, very good. I think it's an offshoot of the also tremendous Bistro Pierre down on Matthew Street.

Tuesday night involved Man Utd V Roma...I don't mind admitting it was a privelige to watch. For the first ten minutes it was fairly tight but once UTd had scored and took the pressure off themselves it was a true masterclass. Hats off to them, I think they'd have beaten any team you'd care to name that night. Chelsea did well too, albeit it much less spectacularly than Utd. No team has it easy in Valencia's Mestella Stadium but a fantastic second half performance saw them go through. Three English teams in the last four (liverpool easing past PSV)...European footy isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Easter is the time ofthe season that seperates the men from the boys. Utd and Chelsea both look very impressive but not infallible. Arsenal look to be just waiting for the end of the season but I suspect they'll hold on to 4th. Everton are in the dogfight with Spurs and Bolton but the European places could dip as low as 7th depending on how the FA Cup goes. Down at the bottom it's frighteningly tight. Watford have gone but West Ham and Charlton are making a good fist of it. This leaves Wigan, Fulham and Sheffield Utd hopelessly out of form at just the wrong time. Chris Coleman, a manager who I have a lot of time for, has paid the price for his team's plummeting form. Wouldn't like to put money on who's going down this season.

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