Monday, April 16, 2007

The run in

That was a bit of a get-out-of-jail performance from Everton. It was a very poor game, Charlton were busy and battled and the blues looked a bit rattled. Ultimately it's nicking points in the last minute that keep seasons alive. McFadden's goal was pretty special too.

The game was notable for Charlton and England striker Darren Bent taking a shot on goal from inside our area and it going out for a throw his own half. That really does take some doing.

After the final whilstle a little kid popped out of the Gwladys St and ran the length of the pitch to where Tim Howard and James McFadden were celebrating in order to hug them.

It's a bit naughty but understandable when you are star-struck little kid and your hero has just done this :

I know the UEFA cup is cack but it would still be an achievment. We are fifth now with the fiftth best attack, defence & goal difference in the league. Our run-in is tough though...if you write off Utd and Chelsea we only have two games left.

If we get 4 points out of West Ham & Portsmouth I'd say that's enough. Spurs will probably overhaul us...I reckon we'll hold off Bolton. Reading and Portsmouth have left themselves with a lot to do. It's 3 from 5 for the UEFA cup places (the FA Cup final line-up meaning 7th in the league goes into the mix. Considering our injuries this season hats off to Moyes and the lads whatever happens now being in 5 at this stage is fantastic.

Premiership Table

At the bottom it is stupidly tight. Fulham have a tough run-in. I think Wigan and Sheffield Utd might just do enough but The Cottagers need to turn it round sharpish 'cause that 3 point cushion will disappear rapidly if they don't get some points on the board. So glad Everton aren't down there!

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