Monday, April 30, 2007

Modbury (pop 1,553) is first to ban plastic bags-News-UK-TimesOnline

Modbury (pop 1,553) is first to ban plastic bags-News-UK-TimesOnline

Well done to the folk in Modbury, DEvon who've become the fist place in the UK to ban plastic bags.

This was my new year's resolution and apart from the odd slip up (Special offers on beer being the main culrpit) I've managed to go without using new plastic bags.

Every little helps.

Sad to see Northampton get relegated on Saturday...bit of a shame for a club with such a fine heritage and great, great fans in trouble but hopefully they'll bounce back (I do see a bit of 'Everton' in Saints it has to be said).

I do take exception to the BBC's rather insulting "How can one of the best-supported clubs in the land, with a spanking new stadium and a sprinkling of international stars, be slumming it next season with the Moseleys, Newburys and Sedgley Parks?" line.

Just putting a completely needless letter s on the end of a name doesn't mean you aren't insulting those clubs specifically. Aside from the snobby disrespectful attitude it entails it's just an annoying way of saying it. I do loathe incongruous pluralisation.

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