Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who's the greatest of them all...little curly Alan Ball


Gutted to hear the awful news this morning. Alan Ball has died of a heart attack aged 61. Absolutely immense player but, perhaps more importantly, a true gentleman. One of the people that absolutely everyone seemed to love.

Rest in peace Alan.

BBC Tributes
BBC Tributes

One year to the day that Brian Labone died another of the game's true gentlemen has passed away.

I Remember him on the pitch a few years back when he was getting inducted into the Millenium Greats. He just seemed really honoured to still be held in that much affection by people. When he told us how much the fan's support has always meant to the players it was just such a great moment.

He wasn't talking down to was almost like he was talking up to us. You wonder how someone that great can be so humble and affable and have such a touching insight...but by all accounts that was just him.

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Tom said...

Alan Ball - what a legend. I am gutted about the news.

Whacked my History of Everton video on last night and watched all the Ball clips. What a player. One of the best.