Monday, March 05, 2007

The weekend

With no footy or rugby to go to this weekend we decided to dust off the bikes and get some fresh air. Once the thick layer of dust was removed and the punctures repaired we nipped down to Calderstones. There was a brass band playing and the sun was in the sky. Lovely stuff. After the band had finished we played some Frisbee-Ball (copyright Sir David Costie 2003) and then headed to The Vic to catch some footy scores. This meant a quick climb up towards Quarry St...the stretch past Strawberry Fields almost killed me. If it wasn't for a camera crew filming there meaning the prospect of my out-of-shapeness being captured for posterity I'd have had to push my way up. Lots of work to be done there I think.

We stopped at the pub and gauged the general mood of the local rednoses...they were all pretty gutted about their result and outraged over a goal that was wrongly called off-side. A later viewing of MotD showed that they were right to be gutted 'cause they'd absolutely played Utd off the park but as far as the BBC were concerned Sissoko had got a touch on the ball in and so Bellamy was offside.

Everton were pretty uninspiring in the first half against Sheffield Utd and when they took the lead we couldn't really complain...We came to life when gifted a penalty (Kenny spilling an innocuous looking ball and AJ pouncing forcing the Blades keeper to bring him down).

We are somehow 6th
(pretty impressive goal difference too)...Somehow it still feels like a disappointing season. It's amazing how negative us blues are feeling (miserable gets that we are) but ultimately the league isn't lying. But for a lack of fitness and a pretty sickening trail of dropped points we'd be hanging on the coat tails of the money clubs. A pretty great achievment. If you look at the games we've let slip away from us these are all points we should have had. 2pts from City at home, 2 pts from Wigan at home, a point from Chelsea, a point from Spurs, 2pts from The Valley & all 3 from Craven Cottage. Even disregarding the Chelsea game as one of those things there's at least 6-10 points we had in our hands and just failed to put in the bank. A good run of results can see us get into Europe (without the need for the Intertoto) but traditionally we tend to flag at the end of the season once we are safe from relegation. I reckon Spurs and Blackburn may well overhaul us. Tim Cahill's picked up a metatarsel injury which is a bit gutting.

The next day was pretty grim and rained all day. Had my mum and our Ste & Claire round for tea and then watched MotD. Have to say I really felt for the West Ham fans....such a rollercoaster of a game. The joy when Tevez finally scored and the despair as it all went pair shaped for them.

I know footy fans will always hanker for the glory but disgruntled Evertonians need to remember the years we went through that. Be truly thankful. Having been down there I remember how utterly soul destroying it is. I wouldn't wish it on anyone (apart from those who made a point of gloating whilst we were facing the drop).

Other than the footy I've been checking out some Google earth stuff looking for the famous Indian listening to iPod.

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Google Earth is great if they've got the image quality :

place where we stayed in Fiji

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