Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ireland v Zimbabwe

BBC SPORT | Cricket | Live - Ireland v Zimbabwe:

Weirdest wicket ever? : "As Matsi smashes a drive back at the umpire, bowler McCallan mis-fields straight onto the stumps. Taylor can't believe it.".

That was a truly tremendous game. Zimbabwe were cruising 'til that freak wicket...then Ireland turned the screw so they needed 9 off 6...them the Zimbabweans got it back to one of one but a last ball run-out meant a tie. Fantastic result for the Irish and an honourable mention to Zimbabwe for hold their nerve. Proper Vitae Lampada stuff. I wonder if this'll mean The Irish will switch from Mode B (Lovable, plucky minnows who are happy enough just to be there and very probably don't even care about the game in question) to Mode A (proud, chest beating Celtic warriors).

I was going to construct a Bjørge Lillelie type response but talk of Zimbabwean politicians taking one hell of a beating might be a bit of a faux pas given recent events.

Earlier we had a 14 ball over "A flurry of wides then saw Hurdle take 14 balls to complete his second over,"

At least it wasn't Bermuda's big hero Dwayne Leverock...

...Partly 'cause of his unathletic build he's become a bit of an overnight cult hero after he took a flurry of wickets in England's warm up game.

Look forward to seeing how this tournament will unfold for England. Big game tomorrow if they are going to progress.


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