Friday, March 02, 2007

BBC NEWS | Politics | Cameron student photo is banned

BBC NEWS | Politics | Cameron student photo is banned

How very, very sinister...A photo of Dave Cameron posing with his aristocracy chums in their exclusive university society turns up. Then mysteriously the company holding the copyright make a "policy decision" not to allow it to be published.

what £1000 got you at your local tailors back then

The Bullingdon Club sounds proper old school debauched upper-class so you can see why the Conservatives wouldn't want people getting an image of their great white hope as a priveliged, arrogant public school boy (which unfortunately for them his is). The BBC obviously think it's worth seeing as they got an artist to copy it (see it here).

It can't be nearly as embaressing as Tony Blair's barnet in this piccie.

The main thing about this whole thing is that the photography company have shown the Tories how easy it is to come to a "policy decision".

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