Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Kopites are gobsh*tes

Warning : Only click this link if you have a strong constitution...or you like the sort of Borat, The Office laughing-at-people sort of humour. (I find it cringeworthy but I do love the proper forced overly Scouse accents).

Empty vessel, attention seeking, zany bell-ends. I loathe that forced faux-uber-obession. The media love it though. Pompey's tattoo man, the fat, dancing Southampton, the geordie beer-belly man, Pete Sampara with his badge covered waistcoat and now this.

Lame, lame, lame. I've got a footy team I like but I don't feel the need to dress up and humiliate myself to prove how much as a big fan I am.

Thank Good Everton don't seem to have any of these try-hards.


Steven Gerrards Double said...

Blue and white shite

Stuey said...

Ah that famous rednose banter (famous for the fact that when it flows in the other direction it's just 'bitterness').

Haven't you got a 'zany' costume to be sewing or something?

Stuey said...

PS Hey SGD, How is Salt Lake City this time of year? Arf!

Steven Gerrards Double said...

Better than the slum your living in!
Only joking pal, i'm not bitter against you boys from woodison, oh and i'm not in Salt Lake by choice! But alas it's a cleaner place to live, it also costs me a small fortune to go to a game now!
No, i'm not wearing a zany costume's........... nor am I likely to.
Back to the bitter part, fair enough, you rolled us over at woodison good and proper, and you defended well at anfield, gutted yes, bitter no, we've got Steven Gerrard you've got Leon Osman, Arf!

Stuey said...

So you agree that those lads featured in the vid are bell-ends? That's good enough for me.

Steven Gerrards Double said...

You are right...I love The Red Devils as much as anyone in Anfield but if I'm brutally honest far too many of my fellow kopites are just sad, attention seeking dicks. Their faux-elitism and the way they moan about out-of-town fans makes me wanna puke.

Steven Gerrards Double said...

C'mon reasonable conversation doesn't need to be edited, pity, thought it might have been some decent banter........... Everton fan's hate Liverpool, fact, Liverpool fan's don't care about you blue nose's, whose bitter now? Mind you you'll probably change my post again, so what's the point?

Stuey said...

You did leave yourself wide open for it with that pretentious response.

If rednoses don't care about us blues why the smug 'hilariously' mocking banners? Errrrr! As I said some posts ago : It only seems to be 'bitterness' when it's flowing southwards across Stanley Park. Jibes and snidey digs going the other way are just 'great banter'.

It's not my fault that none of you lot have got the balls to think for yourselves, break ranks and join the rest of the right-minded world in calling a spade a spade (or in this case call a bunch of sad, embarrassing attention seekers a sad, embarrassing attention seekers).