Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rolling Stone : ROLLING STONE's Top 25 Moments From "South Park"

Rolling Stone : ROLLING STONE's Top 25 Moments From "South Park"

Always worth a chortle or two.

Had a weekend of dashing around. Managed to cook a fairly impressive home-made curry for our friends Mary, Mike & Ronnie. On Saturday we headed over to Leeds for our friend Jenny's birthday bash. Very nice, never been out in Leeds before...pretty impressive town centre and pretty lively night life. Was bizarrely really ill on going back to Jenn's which took me back a bit as it's ages since I've hurled after a drunken night-out. Rothwell, the area where Jen lives is pretty nice...if you are ever in the locale look in at The Three Horshoes for nice ale plus really good fish & chips (With fish the size of a blue whale).

Once our Sunday mass duties where over with and our bacon sandwhiches were devoured (thanks Mike & Marie) we headed over to Sheffield to visit Anne's brother Sean. Sheffield isn't as vibrant as Leeds but Sean took us around the London Road and Eccleshall Road area which was nice. Lots of cool restaurants and a pretty cool sports bar allowing us to watch numerous matches at once. Later on we had some fantastic sashimi and sushi at Wasasabisabi before heading back over The Snake Pass.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway. Now you know what I had to eat onto the sport. Because of the rushing around didn't get as much sport in as we'd hoped (indeed it was only on Monday I found out the Italy v Wales result). Waterloo where actually playing in Leeds on the Sunday but despite our best intentions we couldn't fit it in. In the end it was the usual creditable defensive performance but a massacre nontheless (66-0). Caught some of the Chelsea fightback at the sports bar. Thought they were dead and buried but they never game up and more importantly they didn't panic. 3-3 was probably fair enough although Spurs can be gutted they didn't snatch it at the end when they hit the bar.

England really did do well against grand-slam chasing France. It just felt like it was on from the start. Flood deserves a run in the team in Jonny's injuries are going to persist. I think they deserved the win even though I'd say Catt's flick to Tindal counts as a forward pass. Geraghty's break deserved to be capped by a try though...superb. Going into the final week England, France, Ireland and Italy can all win it.

Next weekend have a lot to squash in. 'loo are at home on Saturday, Everton on Sunday plus St Patrick's night and our respective mother's day duties.

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