Saturday, February 03, 2007

Replacing one myth with another


Well then, the friendly derby is a thing of the past, fair enough but just making it out to be 'cause Everton fans are jealous and resentful over Heysel is pretty over simplistic.

For me what really poisoned it was when in May 94 we were heading into the game that could have seen us relegated. They were like pigs in shit over it. Crowing and gloating. Parties planned, coffins draped in Everton flags at the ready (or at least they told us they had these things plannned). On the day of the game cars were screeching to a halt and abuse was being hurled at anyone wearing a blue scarf. I remember thinking that they'd obviously been waiting a long time for this and now they were showing their true colours.

The low level of smug crowing that Evertonians had always endured at the hands of our more illustrious neighbours was ratcheted up but after that it was never just friendly banter. I don't despise Liverpool Football Club...I merely loathe their smug, deluded, arrogant fans and the myths they self-perpetuate that they are somehow a cut above everyone else.

Anyway today is derby day...I am fearful of a pasting.

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