Saturday, February 03, 2007

Derby day moaning from the rednoses

And so we finish the derbies with 2 clean sheets and 4 points. Not too bad.

BBC Match Report

The reaction from the rednoses has been gratifyingly petulant. Classles no-marks, can't wait to see Bascombe's column. A point is neither here nor there really but the whining makes it tonnes better...No doubt they'll apply for dispensation to the FA and get the game replayed.

Benitez pitched in with some petty jibes after the game

Spaniard talks nonsense

IOL: Benitez aims 'small team' jibe at Everton

Well in to our Irish pals to calling him to account and to Moyes for rebutting the nonsense. Who was trying to win at Goodison when he rested some of his best players? He fits right in over their the arrogant, fat, shit Spanish prick. It no longer matters where you are in the league. From now on you'll always be Benathus.

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