Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sing songs

Whilst I'm not one to indulge in generic hateful abuse of the Munich/Heysel sort I had to laugh at the Evertonian's Stevie Gerrard paternity songs.

Apparently it's all over Liverpool that his girlfriend, Alex Curran has been getting rattled by a local drug dealer called Pancake.

I've no idea if it's true but the bluenoses were all singing :

"What's that coming over your bird? Is it a gangster? Is it a gangster" (to the tune of Monster by The Automatic).

He was big and tough enough to ear the Lower Bullens a few years ago so he'll just have to take it (Along with all the "The baby's not yours" songs.

I remember hearing about something similar when Tommy Docherty was United manager and was found to be sleeping with club physio Laurie Brown's wife. The liverpool fans were all singing "Who's up Mary Brown" to them.

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