Wednesday, February 07, 2007


When will I learn?

Can the FA reimburse me two hours of my life please.

You've got to conclude it's just a get together with their mates nowadays. There is just no hunger, no pride, no desire, no togetherness.

Think of the players of yesterday and how much it meant to them?

Gone but not forgotten

It's always wheeled out that England don't do friendlies and that we are a "big game" team but if you can't perform in the warm up games then when push comes to shove and it's time to get a result then there's no continuity to base your performance on.

There is no momentum 'cause there is no desire in these minor games. They honestly don't look like they know how to get it going nowadays.

You have players with bags of talent but a totally disfunctional team ethic...then you look at a player like Peter Crouch

I have a theory that Crouch has absolutely no natural talent whatsoever however 'cause of his freakish tallness sucessive managers have given him the chance to dedicate his life to playing and practicing footy every day of his life with top level coaching at his disposal.

If the answer to this question comes out against the gangly galoot then people up and down the land can think "I could have played for England given the chance". It essentially makes Crouch the Jade Goody of football.

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