Thursday, February 22, 2007

Done another of my spoof articles

Prompted by the ludicrously over the top reaction to Moyes's subsitution last night. It was a crippling dissappointing way to lose and we've seen far too many of these game where we finish seemingly comfortable games playing like we're down to ten men. Fitness? attitude? It's something that really needs addressing...but the hysterical "Moyes out" reaction is just stupid. Anyway :

Blues reach nadir as they fail to complete double over Spurs by Football correspondent : A. Moaner

Inexplicable like-for-like substitution blamed

Liverpool, England.

It was the straw that broke the camel's back. The once patient & vocally supportive ranks of Evertonians could finally stomach no more as they saw their side concede a late winner at Goodison last night. It meant that the club lost it's chance to complete the first double over their North London bogey team in decades. Under previous regimes this sort of thing would just never, ever have happened and it's a sign of how far the once perennial relegation strugglers have sunk as they slip further into the mid-table mire.

Previous Everton teams have shown pluck and courage to stage late-season fightbacks to drag their way out of season long battles with the drop. The current Everton side look timid by comparison as they tamely surrendered their two month long un-beaten league record.

It was clear for everyone to see that he is man bereft of ideas as his threadbare squad, lacking any fully fit fullbacks and two of it's key midfield/attacking options squander yet another opportunity to close in on a European place. They say when the going gets tough the tough get going...well Moyes should learn from his illustrious predecessors. Smith's strong centre-half dominated squad had the versatility to play in numerous positions...last night Moyes was forced to take off tiring foreign new-comer Fernandes adding yet another defender. This heralded a desperate reshuffle with stand-in fullback Neville having to fill in in his favoured position of central midfield in order to make way for the clubs most talented right-back. The game swung on this gaff and whereas before Everton had somehow weathered the storm of four or five chances coming from the Spurs left flank they eventually conceded high quality 89th minute goal.

A man like Walter Smith got to this stage in the season with a team scoring less than a point a game, he grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and somehow, by sheer force of will, managed to limp them over the line to safety. True grit was on display in those great sides. Something today's Evertonians rightly hark back to. What abundantly clear is that Moyes isn't the man break Everton into the G14 elite and he needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. A man like Capello, Beckenbauer, Mourinho, Wenger or Ferguson need to be brought in otherwise arguably the best Everton team in the last twenty years might never again have the chance to add to their solitary Champions League qualification.

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