Monday, January 29, 2007

Media bits and bobs

Time for a few media snippets :

Footie-mad tattooist inscribes penis on rival fan's back The Register

Thank God Jack didn't get up to any mischievousness when he did mine and Dunc's

I liked this too :

BBC NEWS Northern Ireland Peace plan for Craggy Island row

I'm sure Dermot Morgan would have a chuckle over it.

This story didn't interest me at all apart from their tremendous use of the "(far right)" caption.

BBC NEWS Entertainment Complaints rise in new racism row

Similarly I wasn't really bothered about Celebrity Big Brother apart from the fact Shilpa Shetty winning shut that bolshy, trollop Faria Alam's big fat mouth:

slattern pontificates this time last year

And here's a video of Stallone at Goodison :

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