Monday, January 08, 2007

icLiverpool - Waterloo axe falls on coach Melrose

icLiverpool - Waterloo axe falls on coach Melrose

Shame but maybe a change will be as good as a rest. Dave Blythe has taken over so hopefully they can nick a win or two and get back in touch for the run-in. It'll be a proper miracle if they survive though. Come on 'loo!!!!!

Yesterday we went to see Everton V Blackburn in the cup...utterly wretched way to spend an afternoon. We got bullied and battered and never got going until it was too later. Net result 1-4 at home. Shocking. I'd never walk out on them but it was pretty tempting.

The day before Arsenal had beat liverpool 3-1. Anfield started with a protest against that vile Kelvin MacKenzie and The Sun. Scousers should never buy that filthy rag.

After that their "Aren't we great" campaign started...It must be grim there trying to watch the game surrounded by all those show-offs. 10 minutes to go with the game at 1-3 they get a corner in front of the kop...all of a sudden some loon starts waving a massive flag just behind the goal 'cause they know the cameras will be on them. Must have been annoying for the 200 people behind him who can now see nothing of the goalmouth.

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